Tuesday, April 2, 2013

cousin jesse- thank you for taking care of my bestie's hvac issues. you da best!

the best jeff in life

i have a terrible uncle jeff. he sucks. but i have this distant friend that i have long felt connected with. so, here is his thanks-

thank you for making me feel cared for. when i was a kid and you started being my friend, i was in a bad place. lots of stress and one confused little girl. you brought out a me that wasn't in pain. a me that got to be as close to me as i could be (haha, the accent, i will always be sad that i hurt you with the accent, always).

you have a place in my heart! thanks for being you!

me too

and thank you self for starting to write a book. what the fuck has been stopping you? haha, thank you to me you us for finding an outlet.

me, for going to the gym

hey you, me you... thank you for going to the gym you care about you me. thanks for looking out for me you.

guy who hit on me at the gym

dude seriously, thanks.


i appreciate you. i appreciate your ability to be vulnerable with me. i appreciate the guards that you have up.  i appreciate the person you are. and your soul mate is pretty rad, too :)


thank you fo being mine you are the most important things to ever come to be!
"i love you" doesn't start to touch on how i feel about you. you are more important than i am to me.