Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Thank you for visiting us in Colorado. It means so much to us that you make the trip every year. Thank you for understanding why we do t visit more often.

Galil & uzi

You were my siblings. My best friends (and i mean that with the deepest connections and love). Thank you for being in ours lives. You were probably the happiest parts of my childhood.
(i love you and miss you to no end)


You were my favorite people growing up. I idolized you and your relationship. Thank you for being such wonderful ggs. I miss you more than you knew before you passed. I wish i could thank you today and introduce you to your gggc. I love you.


I appreciate you coming to colorado to visit us. I know you odnt have a lot of money, and you also enjoy just kinda relaxing with your spare time, but you still come out. I am also thankful you understand why i don't visit Indiana.

Led Zep

Mom - thank you for the led zeppelin box set. It probably helped shape my musical interest and i am currently pretty with the music in my life ;).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Auntie Kendra-

Every year, when i was a kid, you always got me a Disney movie for Xmas. It was dependable. I looked forward to it. I know you had to buy presents for a million people and times have never been easy for you. I really appreciate the Disney movies, thank you. Love you "favorite great great aunt Kendra" :)


You are fat! I enjoy our random coversations. We have had some amazing, hard, fighty, close, distant; a variety of times together. I wish we could see one another once in a while. I miss you thnks for being my friend.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Thank you for the flowers. It was a sweet gesture after a hard couple of days.
Love love

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thanks my new friend

I know how busy your life is. Working 6 days a week, missing a lover, missing your son... We have such great conversations. And man I'm excited to revisit philosophical works with you! Thank you for continuing to put effort onto being friends.

Auntie Wooby

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monkey one and monkey sue

Today was such a good day. You two are so much fun to play with. You do get crankers but you more than make up for it in smiles, giggles, and loving. I'm so looking forward to Spring with you, playing outside every single day!!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming to be, little ones, you complete me.


Monday, February 14, 2011

My funny valentine

You are the sweetest! What a fun day we had! Skiing in our town, being silly having a low key dinner... Thank you for being so sweet. You are on sexy snowboarder. I love you babe, happy valentines day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Chelsey- my original twin friend, you are one kick ass chick. Thank you for all the many hour we have shared, hiking, chilling, being goofballs. I look forward to more time in the future.

Much love.

vanilla bear

Old roommate- you and I had some amazingly touching and fun times. We would cuddle, watch movies, play games, shop, cook, eat, sleep, camp, hike, party, carpool, comfort one another, share friends, travel, flirt, bar hop, philosophize, share our families, share our secrets, and much more together. I cannot relive the day our bromance ended, and I'm afraid that prohibits me from telling you thank you for all our good times together. I loved them. Lots.  

Denver date

Husband- thank you for taking me on a day of fun
Mommy- thank you for playing with our daughters so we could have husband wife adult fun time
BnR- thanks for being so damn fun

Good visit

Thank you Ty, for coming up to our home and having fun with us. I would love to always share February 7 with you. Thanks for the biscuit and gravy (super yummy!) and playing in the snow. Good times.

Mama + feet = discomfort

Mom, when i was pregnant you touched my feet. I know how awful feet are to you, so it made me feel extra special that you would do that for me. It I the little things, mom. Thank you.


When I was 18, I went through a bad break up. The boyfriend was awful & made me feel awful even past the relationship. Mom & Brian took Me and the dogs to winter ark for the winter park music festival, and on the long ride home you and I bonded. Blinky, thank you for what you have shown me. I began to understand how a thing being can overcome obstacles and live a fulfilling life because of you. You rock, lil dog.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Thank you for spoiling me so... I love you so much!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

T & fam

Thank you for enduring the shite snow drive to be with me. On the day that i really need you. You know what, shush it. Mommy, ugh, belly, medicine...


I will be able to tell you thank you. That hurts my soul. You were one of my bestest friends. You weren't afraid to be seen with me. You loved me. I love you. You were the first friend i ever had to honestly promise to be my friend no matter what. I miss you every day. I love you just as much as I did when you were alive. Your death changed my life. Your life changed my life. It's okay to cuddle, 'cause we're friends, right? I have regrets. The only reason I'm not desperately sad anymore is because my life has lead me to Matt and my children. Without them, i would still feel like a widow. John, i love you and miss you so so so so so so so so much. Thank you for existing, however briefly, in this form.

Zoom zip

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hard days

Thank you to my friends that helped me through the toughest time in my life. Human compassion is truly beautiful.

You say it's your birthday

So, the babies' first birthday came and passed. My wonderful mother and her adorable family drove 8 hours only to not make it to the girls first birthday party. They were so devastated. Thank you for going Though that crazy drive to try to be here for their party. Thank you sly my new friends for coming to the party and further spoiling the baby ladies.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Wonderful ol' you... We have had some awesome times together. I know i can always count on you for love and support. Thank you for always being my friend. Roo

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy birthday, babies!!!

I feel like today is my birthday too. So exciting! I love you more than I will ever be able to communicate to you. You have made my life full. Thank you for being my little girls. My babies. The loves of my existence. Thank you for being you. You are the brightest, most adorable people i will ever know.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A year flew by...

My last dinner was Saketumi sushi. We ate, I was hideously uncomfortable. Jessica and Derrick were there, ready to cheer me on. We packed up the car; husband, momma, Ty and I caravaned to the hospital. So funny that hey immediately wanted to stick a needle in my arm. Dr. Patterson informed me that a few other spontaneous births had occured, so my induction would be pushed back until morning, but that i should stay there. So we hunkered down... 20 week pregger Ty next to me, momma in a chair and husband on the couch. We all slept like poo poo. Mainly because my body decided to go into labor without the drugs and i moaned all night long. You all were there for me. I was scared, uncomfortable and VERY irritable, yet you stuck around and never once held it against me. Mom, i'll never forget how upsetting it was when you told me they had twonlittle baby stations set up in the hall- "they are ready, somebody is going to have twins today!" me-"oh no, someone is going to have their babies before i do?!?" mom-"ohhh no sweetheart, they are for your babies" and then i cried. Ty, thank you for being there and looking at my (warning, graphic stuff here) mucous plug. I know my pregnant ass would've puked thinking about looking at someone else's m.p. Babe- you were my rock. I had so much confidence because you held my hand and told me with all the surety you could offer that everything was going to be fine, and i was doing great. Hell, i am going to thank myself for not killing someone that day. Thank you to my sis in law bro in law in law and grandmathenys for sitting around for many many hours waiting for the birth of leona and stella.

Man i am glad that isn't happening again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February has been a hard month for me since I was 19. I had just started casually dating you when one of my best friends died. I was hanging with you the night he passed. You drove me home as fast as you could all super early, for no apparent reason. It is weird how i knew before i was t old that something was desperately wrong. You held no grudge, and when you found out what happened you were so supportive. You knew him, ever so shortly, while he bused at Jillian's. His funeral was the day before Vamentine's Day. I will never forget; I hadn't called you since the day he died but you called every other day and left me messages, hoping I felt better. You came to my apartment with a Lily and The Beatles' White Album. I don't remember much from that month, but i do remember how incredibly sweet you were after that happened. Thank you for being so kind to me. I needed it, and you were there.

Love & Rockets