Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thank you for taking me to Tool. It was an amazing experience and I'll never forget it.


Thank you, Kepi, for my cowgirl boots. I do so adore them.

Flugel Horn

Matty, thank you for my flugelhorn. I love it and can't wait to play you a tune.


Thank you for being my friend and support system.
Thank you cousin Barbie for being so sweet. You put up with me when I was my crankiest, and almost most hormonal. Thank you for not killing me and allowing me to live in your home when we moved to Colorado. Without you and Jesse, we might still be in the midwest.  I love ya


Thank you for being so supportive in my hobbies and passions. You are certainly the sweetest man on this planet, love.

cousin jes

Thank you for taking my mom and i in when we moved to colorado. you were an integral part of us leaving NWI. my life is infinitely better because of it, as is my mother's life. i will always have a deep appreciation for all you have done for us. 

auntie linda

I loved doing the march of dimes with you. i loved our days together, working some crazy neighborhoods. you were always a fun auntie to hang out with. i saw you and gma lukas fight pretty hardcore, and that actually made me feel better too that other people fought. thank you for being a good auntie and all the good times. 


Thank you Casey Hrdlka, for being such an awesome friend. All of our times hiking, playing music, playing guitar hero while your collar bone was broken :) you have an incredible ear for music that is comparable to your smile. Cheers, friend. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Momma P

Thank you for making the long venture to my home. We miss and love you guys so much. Can't wait to play again.

nolee lo lo

i sure do love you little sis. Thank you for being such a sweet lil auntie and being a good girl when you come  to visit.


Thanks for coming out here to see us and also thank you for being so sweet to the babies.
We had a date. It was absolutely wonderful. Drunken guitar playing and singing... my favorite kind of night. Thank you hubby for providing two wonderful years of marriage and a fancy pants dinner, and thank you mil and fil for keeping my girls safe.


Thank you for being my outlet, bro/

Kevin Kline

You freaking had my back, man. Thank you for singing and playing the guitar for me. I enjoy it thoroughly.

Dr Moeller

Thanks for letting me participate in the MUN. 

little family

Thank you little family for taking mommy camping and being fun even though there were thousands of mosquitoes.