Friday, July 29, 2011


Thank you for giving me my stereo face. I wouldn't have had the music experience I did without it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

twin mom friend

thank you for walking with me so much this summer. it has helped so much!


thank you again for being such a dependable friend! i love you.

thank you

for going to the concert with me and having us stay at your house. we had a blast.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mommy p

thank you for my chuck taylor slip-ons. they are so comfy!


mil thank you for the itunes gift cards. the gift of music is invaluable and seriously amazing. i got two albums today! thank you!


dear michelle - thank you for the inspiration. your serious love for your belly is refreshing and your strength and courage to take on a child is wonderful.

Monday, July 18, 2011


i can honestly remember the feelings i was having when i made this. i am not so afraid of love any more. thank you matty.


thank you to my inspirations for also helping me feel capable. i can create whatever reality i choose to.

grateful for gratitude

who do i thank for this quest for gratitude? my mom, dad, grand parents, siblings, husband, babies, friends (past and present), lovers, enemies, musicians that have touched me? thank you all of you for inspiring me to become a better person. 


thank you for teaching me the beauty of camping. i have long been a camper but camping with you changed it and made it a forum for meditation for me. thank you pal.

gym time!

i absolutely love my gym membership and daycare punch card! it is really something to be able to work out whenever i would like. thank you to all of you for the workout attire and membership.


thank you for the sweet stroller. we are really enjoying it. the girls do great and it is a pleasure to stroll. thank you for the kind gift.

bday fun still

bryan and reg you guys are just there for me. you always show up when i need you and you have to be the most fun couple ever. thank you for coming to evergreen for a cook out and games. we really enjoyed ourtselves. thank you.


thank you ty for coming to evergreen for 20 hours of fun. we had a great time, right? heck yes!

mom and b

thank you for letting my little family come to your house, virtually destroy it and leave.

my fam

thank you, j, kep, and matty for making me feel special on my 27th birthday. i felt loved and cherished and *tear* thank you

Monday, July 11, 2011

gma sherry

thank you for the bday gifts :)


thank you for all of the gifts, dad, especially the gift of life you  helped provide me. without you i wouldn't be the person i am so thank you.


thank you for the awesome bday gifts too, grand paul

momma kepi

thank you for the amazing gifts. i was thinking about how i get to let the girls borrow my new necklace someday. i and i super love my hat. thank you for the gym membership; i will use use use it!!! and as always thank you for being my friend along with all the other titles you have in my life.

momma partington part 6

thank you for giving birth to me and keeping me by your side. i love you mom. this is your day too.

friends on facebook

thank you to all of my book of face friends for sending me birthday love. it makes me so happy and i cannot than k you enough for being so kind.


you are my trooper. thank you for showering me with attention, gifts, fun, children, love and companionship. i love you more than the lifespan of a proton. i am so happy you enoyed dh mnt biking and will do it again! you make me so happy. 


i don't usually call you s-i-l, just sister. thank you for the amazing weekend. we had so much fun!!!!!! you are my ss bestie.


thank you for being my friend. i have already dedicated a post to that though. thank you for coming up to the boat for bday fun. FIVE bars, buddy. we did the hollon on the dance floor, a july baby dedication. thank you for the jager (omg did we really do that?!) thank you for participating in dh mnt biking, and ENJOYING it! let's do it again soon.
love you duder


Sav- thank you dear friend for so much. thank you for being who you are, you stimulate my mind with every interaction. thank you for the perfect gifts; your companionship and the memories. i loved your work slide show, and as usual you put things into perspective for me. i hope to meld minds again with you soon.


thank you for coming up to celebrate with us. thank you for the laughs, the fun times, the AMAZING and sweet bday gift (i will never ever forget it). you are a great friend, thank you

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thank you for coming to steamboat to play for my birthday, Andrew, savannah, and spit. It means more than you can imagine. Cheers.

Friday, July 8, 2011


thank you for being a wonderful gramma to me!


Dear Cousin Sarah,
It is almost your birthday. I am very happy you were born. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement these last few years. You have grown into a beautiful woman  and I appreciate you.  

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Thanks for helping me feel like this new home is my community.

Friday, July 1, 2011


thank you for your gifts and for making your concert going experiences very personal.


Thank you for coming to visit me in Colorado. It was rad.


thank you for being a darling friend when we were friends. i think often about our great times.

baby muse

thank you, babies, for being my little muses.

momma kepi

thank you for helping me making our bedroom much prettier. 

modest mouse

thank you adam, for opening my musical doors to modest mouse, all those years ago

daina and natalie

thank you both for making the munf trip awesome. i had such a fun time with you ladies.