Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thank you for the baby stuff! You have the cutest taste for them.


Thank you for playing so hard this weekend. Go us!

B n R

Thank you for coming out and playing hard. Plus five cool points.You're a hoot.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thank you for the haircut and for coming up and hanging out with me when I come to town. I love it! And slumber parties, however they might fail :P


Thank you for lettin me sleep in at your house. It makes a world of difference to me.

The dye

Thank you, julz, for the sweet tie die stuffs. I love 'em!


Thank you for forgiving me and spending some time with me. It has been fun reconnecting.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Thank you for being so much fun. You are such a big part of my drive and spirit.


Thank you bestie for my otter box. I have wanted one for so long!

New friends

Thank you for having such a good time with us this weekend. I didn't mind sharing my bestie with you because you guys rock.


Thank you for staying home with the babies while spayed with my friend and new friends. I had such a good carefree time. I appreciate it babe.


Thank you for bringing me julie. I know how much you wanted to keep her for yourself but you were nice and shared. Thank you for being such a good house guest too. I respect you for being so aware with your dog. Thank you for helping push my stroller and being pleasant. Also, thank you for being so good to Julie. She needs you. And thank you for giving Julie a reason to want to be in Colorado. Woo hoo!


Thank you for coming out here and playing with me. This last weekend was so memorable. I wub you bro


Thank you for taking care of Matty and I while I was pregnant. You did our laundry for so long, I am thankful forever for the help that you provided us. Thank you thank You.


Thank you for turning me onto the idea of playing soccer as an adult. It is amazingly fun and good for me.


Thank you for being such a good friend for such a long time. And helping my roomie and I out so very much. I respect you, friend.

Ryan and Krissy

Thank you both for helping us move me to our new home town. We miss you.

Gramma Karen

Thank you for being such a nice gramma to me. And thank you for taking on helping me when I was having such a crazy panic attack all those years ago. I'll never forget your compassion.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Sorry Week - Lee

Dear lee - I am sorry I rather abruptly stopped communicating with you. I only remember that I drove over to pick you up and you were wasted. I am sorry because I have realized that I had a fair bit of baggage associated with alcohol. I am sure that you're a swell guy and I hope I didn't hurt your feelers. thank you for the random memories: running into you during some riots in boulder and darting into an apartment building with you to avoid the swat team. Then bumping into you at the club and hanging out. And, oh yeah, freshman math class :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Sorry Week - amber

You were someone I idolized and I know I gave you a headache more than once in our teen years. I am sorry I bummed so many cigarettes and bugged you incessantly. Thank you for being nice to me in my teens and thank you for all the cigarettes ;)

I'm Sorry Week - Shelby

I am sorry I haven't been able to help you more in your struggles. I think I will be able to help you more when you are ready to be a grown up. I am thankful you are my family, and I love you.

I'm Sorry Week - Husband

I'm sorry I keep insisting we get a puppy. Thank you for being so patient with me.

I'm Sorry Week - partingtons

I am sorry to you, my family, that I have to live so far away from you. I miss you like every day and am thankful for the days I get to spend with you.

I'm Sorry Week - Chris

I feel I owe you an apology as well. You were a freakin great roomie. You helped tif and I immensely with our business and you were fun and outgoing, all around fun to be around. I was secretly mad at you for not asking me to move into mine and tif's home explicitly for a while. I was a bit jealous that you were becoming my bff's bff. I was a total selfish asshole. I am so sorry for letting my crazy out on you. I had a great time car pooling with you. I am proud of you for going to college. I'm thankful that you and your family were in my life: you taught me a lot. I'm sorry you had to know such a selfish ruby. I even feel bad that you were so desperately allergic to my animals. I couldn't do anything about it but I do feel for you. I wish we all would've met now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Sorry Week - Nick

You confessed to me that I made moving out here very difficult, and living with me however briefly was awful. I extend my apologies to you sir for not making it easier for you to get settled in a new place. And thank you for being out right and honest with me.

I'm Sorry Week - my friends from Gavit

Karen, Heather, Jennie- I must say I am sorry for any harm I caused any of you. I was a typical girl and I know I did lots of spiteful mean things to all of you. I am sorry for them and hope you can forgive the adult me. Thank you for still being there to this day.

I'm Sorry Week - Sarah M.

I am sorry that you got to taste the extremely bitter taste of my very early twenties. I was just such a brat, and you and I spent a fair amount of time in those days. Thank you for putting up with my brattiness.

I'm Sorry Week - Sarah O.

Miss Sarah, I am sorry for pulling you into my super preggo emotional roller coaster regarding Tasha. Also, I would like to apologize for not being there as much as I should have been when you were going through a hard time. When you and Noelle were really close. Thank you for your continued friendship.

I'm Sorry Week - krissy

I sorry that I offended you. I can remember the day you and your husband came to help Matty and I move my stuff: you were going on about Tiffany and I snapped at you. I was really bitchy and I am sorry. You didn't deserve what I dished to you. That was an emotional trigger in an already stressful time in my life, and I had no self control I don't know if I offended you further but if I did, I am offering you my apologies. Thank you for being so much fun all those weekends I spent at Ryan and Matty's apartment. It was fun.

I'm Sorry Week - Natasha

I am sorry that I hurt your feelings about our weddings. It wasn't intentional, but I am very sorry it happened. Thank you for forgiving me.

I'm Sorry Week - Scuba

I am so sorry that I blew you off. You were a very good friend, and it was unfortunate that the shit that went down with my buddy's passing away drove me to insanity, creating large boundaries for me. Thank you for the lily and white album. You are a great person.

I'm Sorry Week - Dave

I am so sorry I wasn't better to you when you were doing the bad stuff you were doing. Your path should not have affected my level of tenderness towards you. Thank you for continuing to be my buddy.

I'm Sorry Week - Josh McVey

I am sorry I was not a better friend to you when I had to opportunity to be. You have always been so good to me. My step dad begged me to date you when I had a chance, but I didn't want to ruin our friendship. You mean a lot to me and I want you to know I am sorry if I wasn't a good enough friend to you. Thank you for still being my pal.

I'm Sorry Week - Eric

I am sorry I was such a crazy bitch when you and I were close. I know it ruined the potential for us to be goo d buds again. Thank you for being my friend when I needed it.

I'm Sorry Week - Julie

I am sorry Julie, that I moved away from you. You more than anyone else may have still benefitted from my presence in the Denver area. I moved for love and all but I feel like I let you down. And for that I am very sorry. Thank you for trying so hard to continue being close to me.

I'm Sorry Week - Dad

I am sorry I am so blunt with you. I don't feel like sugar coating does any good, but I know sometimes my harsh choice of words hurt you. Thank you for raising me to be a bright girl.

I'm Sorry Week - Candice

I am sorry that I hurt you. You and your little group of friends were good to me our Junior year of hs. I knew you were preggo and apparently blabbed that to too many people. I honestly don't recall telling anyone (I did even try to stop the rumor by redirecting questions to your sister) but I probably did tell someone. I am sorry you had to go through hell in highschool. I am sorry I couldn't be there for you in your hardest times. Thank you for all the cigarettes and joyrides.

I'm Sorry Week - Marina

I am sorry to you, for not being more supportive. When we were close, I think I could have been a better friend, offering to help you get through your shit and I didn't. Thank you for our good times together.

I'm Sorry Week - Gma and Gpa

I am sorry I didn't spend more time with you when I would come back to visit. I do regret it now. Thank you for being such amazing role models: I still hold your relationship as my standard.

I'm Sorry Week - Mom

I am so sorry I put you through what I did while I dated the monster. I was so young and I know now what heart break I put you through. I am so sorry mom, thank you for helping me grow up.

I'm Sorry Week - Babies

Mommy is so sorry for all the times she has been impatient with you. Thank you for being so patient with Mommy learning to be a mommy. I love you!

I'm Sorry Week - Kathy

I was unimaginably immature. I was in a exhausting bad relationship and stuck. I am so sorry for being a rude little bitch to you. I know now you were so right about most things we fought about. But I was a disrespectful asshole and I am sincerely sorry. Thank you for helping me out so many times when I was 17-19 years old.

I'm Sorry Week - Stephanie

Dear Stephanie-

I targeted you. You became an object of my insecurities and I tried to manipulate you. i was being a terrible person and I am sorry. Thank you for forgiving me.

I'm Sorry Week - Kellen

I am sorry I burned you so bad when we broke up. I was acting out of emotions. You were basically a good dude, just not the dude for me and I wish I could've realized that long before we broke up. Thank you for helping me make it financially for a year of school.

I'm Sorry Week - My Cousin Jake

I am sorry I didn't help you more when you moved here when I was 19. You needed a fresh start and I took on too much responsibility for it. Thank you for trying to do something with your life.

I'm Sorry Week - Adam

I am sorry for taking advantage of you. You were so kind, and giving and I was a disaster. I was caught up in ego and lust and trying to grow up and you were sucked into the middle. The first time we had a fling I was a total asshole. I wasn't as good to you as I should have been. I am so sorry for not just dumping my bf and leading you along. Saying I'm sorry doesn't mean I regret what happened, but I must say thank you for being who you are and have been in my life. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today .Which kind of goes without saying, BUT thank you for being. And for all the great memories AND forgiving me for my actions. You will always have a special part in my memories.

I'm Sorry Week - Tiffany (and her husband, and parents)

Dear Vanilla Bear-

I am so sorry we broke up. I have thought about you almost every day since. I am sorry I was so selfish in our relationship. I am sorry we ran a business together; I believe it is one of the things that drove us apart. I am sorry I became increasingly unfriendly towards the end of our relationship. I was jealous and unhappy with the situation and I am sorry that I didn't make the effort to fix it. I am sorry that after our break up I took venues of being rude. I let my emotions run high and run my brain. I am sorry that I didn't make up with you before my wedding. I am sorry I didn't even attempt to get a hold of you for a year. I don't know that it would've helped, but I do know that I have always wanted you in my babies lives. I am sorry I offended your parents. I promised them I would be better than all of your old friends and I wasn't. I wasn't mature enough to take on that job. I am sorry to Chris for our break up too. I was short with him, and of course he was trying to protect you. I am sorry to Chris for scaring him half to death when you crashed your bike down that mountain on my 23th birthday. I shouldn't have taken us down that run. I am sorry to you for letting you down. Thank you for being there for me and having such good times with me while we were friends. I love you.

I'm Sorry Week - John

I am sorry I didn't date you. I am sorry we only had one kiss. I am sorry if I offended you before the worst day in history.

Thank you for being born. I love you dude.

I'm Sorry Week - Krystin

In lieu of our recent break up, I would like to say I'm sorry. I am sorry for not understanding your needs. I am sorry for not being more open minded about your choice in a partner. I am sorry for our troubled times in our youth, although, it is pretty clear being a kid is forgivable. I am sorry I didn't urge you to go to college sooner. I am sorry that your parents held me against you. I am sorry that I haven't been there for your daughter because of her father. I am sorry I have not forgiven her father for being so abusive towards you. I am sorry I told Steffen about Steve, it was none of my business. I am sorry I haven't been able to protect you.
Thank you for all  you have done for me and I hope every chapter after ours gets better and better.

I'm Sorry Week - Ty

Ty- I am sorry that I was such a big mouthed asshole in my youth. I did not have my priorities straight. I am also sorry that I seemingly sided with Andrew after your break up. I didn't side with him, but it did appear that way. I am sorry that you had to deal with my immature shit when I was growing up. But thank you for putting up with and forgiving me for all the senseless shit i did to you. good and bad times have brought us to this level of connectedness.

i love you

I'm Sorry Week

alongside gratitude, i think an I'm sorry Week is approriate, because I have much to be sorry about. So, I will write my apologies and hopefully a thank you right along side of ir. Just for a change. We'll start with one right here:


I'm sorry for all the crazy I have given you. You have had more of my crazy than anyone else in the universe. Thank you for loving me through all of my faults.