Friday, May 18, 2012

kira twin mom

thank you for your kindness. i have passed the bed along to another family who needed it.


Thank you for telling matt to kiss me. And for accepting my apology. I hope we get together soon.


Thank you for comforting me when I had break-ups. You didn't even put the move on me. You were an excellent friend.

Matt Carroll

Thank you for taking me to prom and being a perfect gentlemen. You are a wonderful soul, old friend.


for a few minutes, i couldn't remember your name. you were very kind. This is weird but thank you for not trying to sleep with me. I probably would have slept with you had you tried but you didn't and i deeply appreciate it.


Thank you for being there for me when Eric broke my heart. You're a good man.

random acts of kindness

i want to post about some really random kind memories i have-


to dave withrow- thank you for making me feel special in 8th grade. I REALLY needed it. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


thank you for helping make boulder happen. you can't have any idea how greatly this has changed our whole family.

chels and josh

thank you for the weekend retreat. thank you for being such cool people. it is so easy to be around you. you pretty much rock.


thank you for the buckethead night. that was awesome sauce. an electric tuba?! yes, please!

joey v

thank you, joey, for helping my little family in purchasing our home. you saved our asses!


thank you for reading my blogs and trying ever so softly to help me with my path.

new friend michelle v.

thank you for your kindness and making me feel like the valley is my home. you are an awesome person and i enjoy spending time with you.


thank you for not giving up on me. thank you for trying to teach me what you believe to be right. also, thank you for being such an avid reader, i benefit from every suggestion you make.


thank you for your continuous support, happy text messages and over all encouragement. <3


thank you to me for having the courage to continue your quest to be a better person. it isn't easy and sometimes it actually sucks to do the right thing, but here, today, i appreciate where i have taken myself.


thank you for the baby hair cuts and the check!