Thursday, December 27, 2012


Thank you fo r all of the girls gifts :) thank you for my music lessons, too :))) love you guys


Thank you so much for the "spoiling" of us and the kiddos. The museum membership is more valuable than you can know!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!


Uncle Bill xmas

Thank you Uncle Bill for the box of xmas gifts for the girls. They love everything you sent!!!!

Mathenys Xmas

Thank you to Auntie J for spending so much time with us and the babies.  And for all of our gifts, we love them. Thank you for caring so much and being so awesome. 

Thank you Mom and Dad Matheny for so much. Thank you for the lovely home to stay in when we visit. Thank you for being such amazing grandparents while also giving us a break. Thank you for the meals and thoughtfulness of your food choices. Thank you for all of our gifts, you are entirely too generous. Thank you for the lift tickets. And PaPaul, thank you for the skiing lesson :) Tutu, thank you for my pillow and thank you for making such an amazing quilt for me especially custom to me. 

I love you guys, Matt and the girls do too.


Babe xmas


Thank you for another wonderful xmas season. Thank you for working so hard so we can have gifts and warmth and clothes and a home. Thank you for cooking Xmas dinner for my family, LAST MINUTE! Thank you for watching Ty's babies and our kiddos so we could go to the McVey Baby shower.
Thank you for the lovely ski day.
Thank you for my gifts, I loved them <3

I love you and thank you for being you


Gma Xmas

Thank you, Gramma for all of the AMAZING gifts :) and all of the love and support you offer us consistently.

Xmas Thanks Ty

Thank you Ty Ty for the BEAUTIFUL PILLOW! I love it so much!

I didn't make it

Well, I didn't make the Gratitude November goal...
But I am going to forgive myself and keep on bein' grateful!

I am grateful the Mayans were wrong.