Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mrs. Rohdimel

You really believed in me and my artistic talents. You pushed for me to win the "glad attitude" award. It was the one and only time I felt like someone understood me in school. Thank you so much for seeing me for me.


I always feel weird writing to you. I don't understand death well enough. I have been trying to feel you more lately. I miss you desperately. Thank you for being my friend. And loving me. I can only hope you loved me as much as I love you.


Dude. You put up with my early20 year old self, while also being a teen/20 y/o. That was not an easy task. Thank you for the fun times we had.


Thank you for introducing me to your sister. You guys are awesome.


Thanks for opening the door to perhaps being real friends again. I have missed you like I have missed no other companionship. I can only hope we further reconnect.

Leona and Stella

Thank you for being so wonderful. You make mommy's life wort living. I love you and appreciate all the time we spend together.

The backyard

Thank you to my in laws, my husband, my grandpa Phil and my babies (they dealt with the time spent away from them) for making the backyard playable. I sitting on my conversation chair blogging right now, while the babies play :)


Not thank you, but Taliah, thank you for coming up. I knowq how hard it is to take care of two kids without your partner. But I appreciate you doing so. I know you had some fun too :P

Date night, date

Thank you for dinner, a pitcher and fun. I know you tried to be fun and you succeeded! I do love you so.

Date night

Thank you, gtutu and gpaul for the date evening. A much needed one indeed.

Memorial day weekend

Thank you D & J for the hospitality and overall kick ass weekend!!! Having a personal tour guide through a national monument is wicked awesome!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thank you so much for all the positivity During my visits to your office in my 10 months of crazy baby belly! Thnk you doubly for all of the clothes you hauled arund to get to me. That was such an amazing gesture. I am so glad I run into you in town. Thank you for your kindness.

E girl who taught me who to flip the bird

I am pretty sure you were just flipping me the bird to be a bitch, but, you opened a whole new world of communication up to me. I have used the middle finger to express myself ever since. Plus I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have learned that gesture quite so young if I hadn't looked up to you. Sorry I can't remember your name.

John Lowe

Thank you for putting up with the younger girl across the street. I know I irritated the hell out of you and the other neighbor boys, so especially thank you for giving me the time of day.

My Irish buddy

Marina- You were very there for me when you weren't even there for yourself. I was in such great need of friends and you provided me with companionship and love constantly. Thank you for being my friend.


Drew- you and I were so close in some times when we needed one another. You were like a best brother friend. You really aided me in growing and having lots of fun. Thank you for all the fun times.


Matty, I feel particularly appreciative of my wedding rings... I love them. Thank you.


Girl I have had so much fun with you. When I was a kid I swore you were the only adult that wouldn't lie to me about things I needed to know about. Yu let boys spend the night,you let me spend the night out of the house and mo one else ever let me be free. You fed me & let me have q beer and be safe. Man, you were the older cousin that everyone should have. By the time it I was a teenager I needed your wisdom. And thoroughly enjoyed  playing too...

Bare handed puke sesh

Thank you mommainlaw... Thank you for sitting in back with two puking babies... Catching puke with your bare hands... Of people you didn't even birth. What a rough trip home. You are an amazing gramma!

Back before spring sprang

Thank you momma for showing the girls and I such a good time. We needed a fun filled spring day. 


Thank you Auntie J & Big Unkie D- Matty and I need time together, mid day before it is late and we are tired. Our lives are so filled with the babies that we don't have a lot of time otherwise to just be us. Thank you both for watching the girls so we can be a couple.


Thank you Julie for the very sweet letter. It made my day.

Mary Beth

Thank you for telling your mom that you you have niece. That made me feel better when your mom was being accidentally very very mean.

the Williams

Steve and Pam- thank you for the baby havin' gift. I love it every single day.

Matheny Family

Thank you for being so wonderful to us. We are just so thankful to have you.


Thank you for supporting me while you lived here. It was a pleasure to share or baby times together.

Mr. Maebe

Thank you for being such an amazing philosopher. Your insight directed my life to much deeper and more profound thinking. Thank you also for boosting my ego when I got an A+ on my midterm: I know you don't believe in perfection : P


Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Poli Sci, I have been in love ever since.

Bryan and Reggggggg

You guys fucking rock. Thanks for being so awesome. Thank you for visiting us and always being so much fun. I really look forward to every time we kick it.

Kay and Tasha

Thank you for coming to visit us in our new home. You just can't know how much it means to me.

Crazy Sarah

Thank you for coming to visit me in Steamboat.


Thanks for being you. And my friend. And finding Van. We are forever bonded.


You were once one of the greatest friends I had. Thank you for the years of friendship, dude.

Dr. Hazan

You really adovated for me in a difficult time in college. Then when I was your student in my Senior experience, you treated me with the highest respect. Thank you, sir.


OMg zzz you introduced me to a world of music that changed my existence. Thanks, kid.

marry me

thank you for marrying me. you're a terrific husband.


thank you for being so much fun to camp with.

good times

barb and jesse

thank you for always being so supportive. i know when i need a boost of confidence i can turn to you and you will say something so wonderful i can live on. thank you for having an open door policy as well <3

crazy kitten smile

adam- you taught me so much in  our very odd times together. without the lessons i learned from our experiences i would not be the person i am today. thank you for being you and showing me the things you did. may the music always play on.



Ju Ju Bizell

Thank you for your dedication to our friendship. I wub you buddy!

A few years ago

A few years ago you and I were talking about our friends moving in with one another. You asked when I was going to move in with you. Oh that moment still gives me butterflies. Thank you for having the desire for me to be with you forever. On the anniversary of our moving in together, thank you for moving my stuff up here and providing us with a home.


Matty again and again

Thank you for being willing to grow (with and without me).


Thank you for letting me sleep in at least once a weekend. i REALLY enjoy sleeping in and the day that follows.


Thank you for coming to visit us. And thank you for the all of our presents too!

Lil Bro

Thank you for cuddling with me the times that you do. You are my favorite little dude.

D & J

Thank you for sharing your time with us in Vegas. We had such a good time with you. You really bring out a great side of us.

Real Vacation

Thank you, parents in law for waking up with the girls while we were on vacation. That was a true vacation for me.


Thank you, my wonderful parents in law, for taking us on vacation.

Been a long time

Well, I fell behind. I didn't blog on a vacation then felt overwhelmed by thinking of thank you's. I am back on the wagon. here goes:

Richard and Janet-

You were so kind to me when I was a small child. Richard, thank you for sharing your card collection with me. I know you and your son loved to collect together and I appreciate you opening that door, and now I know how painful it probably was to open. Love you guys.