Tuesday, February 28, 2012


thank you, matty, for ringo ;)


thank you besite for the awesome book! ! i love it!! you are so thoughtful!!!

shelby rose

thank you for being such a sweet little cuz all of these years. i couldn't have asked for a better cousin.


thank you for taking care of me two sick littles and a sick doggie and keeping your head on your shoulders. you are the strongest man i know.

dr nate at steamboat vet

thank you for taking care of my old man dog. you rock.


thank you for respecting my wishes and not holding them against me regarding the birthday party. i hope that when i make it to denver, i can show you my feelings and you will accept them and we can forge through this together.

new friend sarah

thank you for being such an interesting lady and taking interest in me. it is nice to make new friends, however distant.


thank you for being there for me, checking up on me and being supportive along the way. you are a dear friend to me.

rando fb lovers

thank you, random facebook friends for showing me love and compassion. you all rock my social network.

amanda azbiull

thank you for sending the videos to me. also, thank you for liking my art. i hope you like the pieces i made for you!!!


to our lovely pediatric nurse- thank you for taking the time to remember and ask about some of the difficult things going on in our lives. you made our office visits so much better!


thank you chelsea for coming to my rescue. i went through a couple hard weeks and you came and totally changed the dynamic in my house. you were patient and offered much insight into letting time pass and being comfortable within boundaries you cannot control. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

husband toooo

thank you for continuously trying to make me understand how much you love me. you are an amazing partner, daddy and provider. i could not bare to go on without you.
sabi d- thank you for helping me heal many mnay wounds. even though you're as neurotic as they come, you're a good boy.

My gramama and grampapa

thank you for being such amazing people. and thank you for the care you gave my mother when she was young.

Cousin Melina

Ha! You made me puke in granny's bar... Having me drink some nasty old booze when i was maybe seven. thank you for finally liking me in my late teens ;)


When I was 18, I went through a bad break up. The boyfriend was awful & made me feel awful even past the relationship. Mom & Brian took Me and the dogs to winter ark for the winter park music festival, and on the long ride home you and I bonded. Blinky, thank you for what you have shown me. I began to understand how a thing being can overcome obstacles and live a fulfilling life because of you. You rock, lil dog.
also, thank you mom and brian for the winter park trip, that was the thing i needed to ditch the asshole.

My American girl dollst

My parents certainly could not have afforded to buy me American Girl dolls. Thank you Grampa Phil for getting me two!! I love them so much. They were my pride and joys. Thank you gramma sherry for making me so many accessories for the dolls.

Dr Moeller

Thanks for letting me participate in the MUN. 

mom and dad inlaw

thank you for your continuous and relentless love and support of matty and myself. we sure do love and appreciate you.

ken and jen

first, thank you ken for moving to colorado and inspiring others in our family to move here. also, thank you both for trying to be a good fun couple. i look up to ya'll.

little lady loves

thank you for existing. without you my life would be unimaginably less fulfilling.

opportunities to sleep

sometimes i just get out these thanks you's to get them out... to help me log and remember what i should be grateful for. well i am grateful for sleep, and here is a short thank you list to those of you who have facilitated my sleeping:
Mom and Dad in law
Sister and Brother in law
Gramma Sherry

thank you all for letting me sleep once in a while. it means the world to me.

d and j partay

thank you for hosting the girl's bday party. your house is so lovely and perfect for parties like we had. i appreciate it.

mom and brian

thank you for your noble efforts to get up her for the girl's 2nd birthday. i know how bad it sucked, how overwhelmed you were. love you

spit and ty

thank you, matt and tyler for coming up here and giggling and having fun. i think you guys rock!

lisa and austin

first ly, thank you both so much for coming up here and helping make the babies' bday weekend sooo special. also, thank you for helping so much. thank you for philosophizing. thank you for being such real people.

my fraaaan meghan

thank you so much for coming over and making me feel better when i was down. i hope that you and i are still great friends when and if i get out of this place :)

you, valentine's day, me-happy

you continuously surprise me on vday. thank you for your sweet gestures. i love the flowers, chocolate and that you ate the dinner i made you. i love you so much, matty.


thank you, dad, for sending the girls such a thoughtful box of goodies for valentines day.