Tuesday, August 21, 2012


thank you for always being an open ear for me. you provide me with amazing understanding and i appreciate how easy it is to talk to you. i am so grateful to have you in my life.


thank you taliah (or talulah as everyone else thinks your name is said haha) for helping me when i need a friend. it is nice to be able to tell you how i am feeling regarding other relationships in my life and know that it is safe with you. know that i'll get support and feedback and you will gently let me know when i am absurd. love you chickie


thank you, dearest lover, for taking the BC responsibility for our lives. i am eternally grateful, love.


thank you for coming over and having a 5 hour chat session. you have no idea what closure you brought me. i didn't realize i wanted more closure. you gave me so much information, i will never forget. i hope that we can forge a new relationship and find other things to bond over, things that we don't have a competition over :P


thank you for the ticket hook up and for the sweet invites to play in the mountains. i hope we can get together again soon.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Random jump street chick

Thank you for our free pass into
Jump street!!!!


Thank you to anyone who knows me and geniunely likes and appreciates me. <3


Thank you for bringing Alaysia to Colorado. I know visiting is a little less easy, and you aren't getting any "break". You're a wonderful Gma. Also, thank you for our newest painting. I
Love it!!


Friend- thank you for becoming my friend and staying my friend for all these years. You are a neat person. I enjoy your company pal. Also, thanks for being such an open person. I think you're a great example for many people you know.


Thank you for coming over with french pastries. What a treat. And thank
You for all the good conversation.

Ms heard

Thank you for coming out to Colorado and being so fun. I'm
Enjoying our time!