Friday, January 20, 2012

matty matt

thank you, matty for being willing to learn, and grow. this side of you is sexy and demands respect.

selfish post

today, i feel gratitude towards myself. we are trained to believe that selfishness is necessarily bad. well you know what? it isn't. taking care of the self means you can take care of others' needs. thank you to me for being willing to be uncomfortable to understand myself, my feelings and really get to the bottom of the way i behave. it is to better everything important in my life (leona, stella, and matt).

Monday, January 2, 2012


you continuously spoil me and give me great understanding. thank you for coming to stay with me and teaching me the things you want me to know. i love you, gma.

tif and chris

having the mooreheads back in my life has brought me great joy and happiness. thank you for spending time with me and my family. we love you guys.


thank you for being my sisterbestie. we are two totally different people but our lives are so intertwined and i wouldn't want it any other way. i am proud of you for your efforts in school.


thank you wyatt for teaching me what love is in preparation for my own babies.

mom and dad inlaw

thank you for your continuous and relentless love and support of matty and myself. we sure do love and appreciate you.


i don't think i will ever stop having gratitude for your existence in my life. thank you for all that you do for me, especially being my best friend.

austin, stranger

thank you for having impeccable indie music taste; i took it as a sign of things to come.

krissy ray nichols

thank you for writing me. we love you guys


j&d- thank you for continuously being our love and support in the boat. we would not be as happy here without you.

NYE extravaganza!

thank you savandrew for making the trip up here, being troopers, playing hard, giving my babies gifts, loving my family and teaching us so much. so much love.


thank all of you for the xmas gifts for my family. the babies have everything they could possibly want as do i.

thank you all


thank you hubban, for giving me the opportunity to stay home with our children day in and day out. i love you and them more than i ever knew i could love. <3


thank you, little girls, for teaching me how to be a mommy.


i am thankful for another year with my family.